The local festival

I had a fire ceremony of my neighborfood in November.
This purpose is for wishing our health and good luck.
I worked to decorate them these foods.

Served Mochi(rice cake),orange,sweets,and sake etc for God.

This fish name is Thai(sea bream).
We eat this fish when we celebrate something.

The winter vegetables like Daikon,Gobo,carrot and lotus roots.

Traditional dried foods like yuba(soymilk skin),shiitake,kombu,and squid.

A priest from the local shinto shrine is praying for us.
And the wooden sticks which are written our whishes are burned
in front of us.

After praying is finished and they are burned all, we add the oranges in it.
We eat grilled oranges together.
People say "you can spend in winter with good health if you eat this orange"

The other day,I decolate Suisen(winter flower,narcissus) at my tatami room.
And served Macha(green tea)for my friends.

One day,.I found very fresh Kisu(sillaginoid fish) at my favorite fish store.

I decided to make Kisu Tempura for our dinner.

Prepare the slice pieces.

The taste is very delicate and beautiful!

Winter is coming close

It is getting cold and the all maples have changed the color in kyoto.
I am preparing my winter jackets and gloves.

I cooked this fish dishes recentely,because  we can get a lot of good fishes
in cold season in Japan.

This is Buri(yellow tail).This younger fish is Hamachi.
Buri has very rich taste and good maching with a Daikon(radish).

Boil the Daikon in a hot water.It is the water which is after I rince the rice.

Quick boil the Buri in another hot water.

Combine together Daikon & Buri and simmer with soysauce and sugar
for an hour.

This is very tasty and feel winter flavor.

This green vegetable is the leaf of the Daikon.
I cut it small pieces and stair fry with a little bit soy flavor.

This is a Daikon rice.

Also we eat a lot of japanese potatoes in this season.

This is Ebi-imo,which is a kind of  potatoes in winter time.
The texture is a little bit sticky and i love it.

This is Ebi-imo glatin.Cooked with white miso(sweet miso) sauce.

Satoimo  This is one of the popular potatoes.

This dish name is Kinukatsugi.
Kinu means "cloth" and katsugi means "wearing".
So we serve it with the skin and peel ourselves when we eat.
It is very simple cooking and just steamed or boiled with salt
Enjoy the flavor itself of the satoimo.