Introduction about Mariko's Kitchen

I will teach you how to make Japanese home cooking with simple technique.

You will see some Kyoto's vegetable in season and local traditional ingredient at my kitchen.
I hope that my place become one of the memorial dinner place for your Japan trip.

Here are some popular ingredient & japanese kitchen tool.

←Kombu(sea weed)&Katsuo bushi(dried bonitofish flakes)
We use them to make dashi(japanese soup stock)

←Handai & Makisu (using to make sushi rice and roll it)

(using for grating daikon,ginger/grinding sesame seed,etc...we use them a lot!)

←Yukihira nabe
These pots can be used for a wide range of Japanese dishes.

←Japanese rectangular omelet pan.
This can be used for sushi-omelet as well.


-japanese risotto with the seven spring herbs

Today is the day to eat this cooked rice with seven kinds of japanese herbs.
This is one of the traditional Japanese custom.

There is a meaning to protect ourselves from evil infulence,but also
there is that we eat it to rest our stomach because we had
a big meal during new year days.

It is really simple,but delicious!!

↑radish,turnip,japanese parsley etc...


Happy New Year 2009

I have new year holidays between the end of the December to January 4.
Many house wife is so busy to prepare the traditional meal
(We call it "Osechi" )and decorate their house until end of December.

Recently famous restrant's Osechi is getting very popular,so people just buy it.
(because making Osechi takes about 2-3days)
Actually Pro's Osechi is really beautiful however I want to say that homemade meal is
the only one.There is no same taste.

I made 15 kinds of Osechi for my husbad and friends this year.
Home cooking gives us a gentle happiness.

←kuromame(sweet black soy beans made in Tamba,kyoto's famous beans area.This is one of the popular Osechi)

←Cod fish(Kyoto's original traditional Osechi.This fish is cooked from the dried cod.This is the one of my favorite!)

←Nishoku Namasu(Daikon&japanese red carrot with
sesame dressing)

←Renkon(Lotus root )

Tataki Gobo(Burdock with saseme.Burdock is also the one
of my favorite vegetables)

←Kazunoko(herring roe)

New year ikebana( Orchid,pine tree,Senryo...)

Kagami mochi (small new year decoration for God)

My dinner's introduction -January-

←White miso soup with mochi(Kyoto style soup)

←Somen noodle with soup

←Pasta with cream souce,using leftovers of Osechi's ingredients