Introduction about Mariko's Kitchen

I will teach you how to make Japanese home cooking with simple technique.

You will see some Kyoto's vegetable in season and local traditional ingredient at my kitchen.
I hope that my place become one of the memorial dinner place for your Japan trip.

Here are some popular ingredient & japanese kitchen tool.

←Kombu(sea weed)&Katsuo bushi(dried bonitofish flakes)
We use them to make dashi(japanese soup stock)

←Handai & Makisu (using to make sushi rice and roll it)

(using for grating daikon,ginger/grinding sesame seed,etc...we use them a lot!)

←Yukihira nabe
These pots can be used for a wide range of Japanese dishes.

←Japanese rectangular omelet pan.
This can be used for sushi-omelet as well.

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