Soybean's product

There are many traditional shop for "Yuba" and "Namafu" in kyoto.

Yuba is a delicacy made from the skin forming on the top of
gently-boiled soybean milk.

And Namafu is a food made of wheat gluten.

Both of them are tyipical traditinal products in kyoto.

Yuba has some style like fresh skin form and fresh melted skin form or dried.
Also there are fresh Namafu and dried Namafu for bread-like.

In this evening,I visited "Hanbefu"which is one of the traditional Namafu&Yuba
shop near Gojo-bridge.And I got these items.

fresh Yuba  生平ゆば

fresh melted Yuba  汲みあげゆば

fresh Namafu(millet&mugwort) 生麩(あわ・よもぎ)

I made six kinds of dishes using them.

Deep fried shrimp wrapped with Yuba

fresh Yuba gratin with miso&mayonnaise sauce

melted Yuba soup

deep fried Namafu with cheese

Namafu steak with sour soy sauce with grated radish

Yuba-Don Rice with fresh Yuba and thick starchy soup

Toyu Yuba とゆゆば dried rolled yuba

Deep fried Toyu Yuba とゆゆばのから揚げ

Fresh rolled Yuba 生小巻ゆば

Deep fried fresh rolled Yuba

This is good much for simmering with soup.



Sukiyaki is one of special meal for Japanese.
We eat this meal in a special occasion or to celebrate something.
There are big differences in ways to prepare sukiyaki between
Kansai(Western)and Kanto(Eastern)styles.

In the Kansai-style,we heat beef lard in a pot first,and start adding
beef,onions as if to pan fry and season with brown sugar and soy sauce.
Then add other vegetables and fried tofu.

The ingredients requiring longer time to be cooked are placed first,
and when it starts simmering,add sake or kombu dashi to adjust the

On the other hand,theKanto-style is characterized by preparing
sweet and salty seasoning sauce,called warishita mixed of
soy sauce,mirin,sake,and sugar,to simmer meats and vegetables
together in a pot.

Usually we cook beef sukiyaki,but also chicken sukiyaki
is really nice.
I cook chicken with bamboo shoots(spring) or matsutake
mushroom(autumn) in season.

Last weekend, we invited our friends and prepared
a delicious "sukiyaki of bamboo shoots and chicken".
I boiled fresh bamboo shoots one day before.
We had a great time together.


Green Green Green

April 6

In this week,it is the best time to see Sakura(cherry blossom) in Kyoto.
We have a custom which is called "Hanami",it is a party
under the Sakura tree enjoying food and sake.

"Benkei VS Ushiwakamaru" at Gojo-Kiyamachi
(the end of Heian priod,10th century)
I meet them every moring on my way work.
They are so Lovely with Sakura!

I am going to a new French restrant which have a beautiful
Sakura tree with my friends to have a lunch in this weekend.
Also I am going a picnic in Arashiyama-area with lunch boxes.
It is one of my favorite Sakura place in Kyoto.

By the way,I have been teaching many dishes using Takenoko
(bamboo shoots)like a seasoned rice,simmerd with kinome
(young leaves of japanese pepper),clear soup,tempura...etc
in my cooking classes recentely.

Not only Takenoko,but also we have more other beautiful
spring vegetables.
You will see these green vegetable dishes in my spring kitchen.

Soramame no soup ( broad bean's soup)

Takenoko to Kinome no Shigure ni
(Simmerd bamboo shoots with young leaves of japanese pepper)

Asparagus no Goma-ae
(Green asparagus dressed with sesame sauce )

Yaki-Soramame(Grilled broad bean)

Simple cooking,beans inside are steamed.
Serve with salt.

Mame Gohan(Seasoned rice with Endo beans)

Today,I got a broccoli from my neighbor.
I made a broccoli's cake as a dessert after dinner.