Soybean's product

There are many traditional shop for "Yuba" and "Namafu" in kyoto.

Yuba is a delicacy made from the skin forming on the top of
gently-boiled soybean milk.

And Namafu is a food made of wheat gluten.

Both of them are tyipical traditinal products in kyoto.

Yuba has some style like fresh skin form and fresh melted skin form or dried.
Also there are fresh Namafu and dried Namafu for bread-like.

In this evening,I visited "Hanbefu"which is one of the traditional Namafu&Yuba
shop near Gojo-bridge.And I got these items.

fresh Yuba  生平ゆば

fresh melted Yuba  汲みあげゆば

fresh Namafu(millet&mugwort) 生麩(あわ・よもぎ)

I made six kinds of dishes using them.

Deep fried shrimp wrapped with Yuba

fresh Yuba gratin with miso&mayonnaise sauce

melted Yuba soup

deep fried Namafu with cheese

Namafu steak with sour soy sauce with grated radish

Yuba-Don Rice with fresh Yuba and thick starchy soup

Toyu Yuba とゆゆば dried rolled yuba

Deep fried Toyu Yuba とゆゆばのから揚げ

Fresh rolled Yuba 生小巻ゆば

Deep fried fresh rolled Yuba

This is good much for simmering with soup.

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