Golden week-japanese holidays in May

I had 5 days holidays between May 2nd and 6th.
In this week,many japanese people go traveling around or visit hometown.

I spent the time to go to BBQ,invited my friends, visited firend's house
and went shopping to IKEA in Kobe.

These are the pictures when I went BBQ in Shiga prefecture.

At Ootsuchi Dam in Koga area(south-east side of the Biwa Lake)

This area is a famous for Ninja.
And it is also famous for green tea field.

May is the season of new tea leaves.
Tea fields in Uji(south of Kyoto city) in May
become a patchwork of beautiful fresh green
as well as this area.

It was a beautiful day !!

Salmon with onion&mashrooms

In another day ~

Here are the pictures of dinner, when I invited my friends.

Carpaccio of a flat fish

Coleslaw with breast chicken and japanese shiso herb

Steamed pork with japanese style sauce

Rolled cabbage-minced chicken and tofu meat
simmerd with kombu soup flavored sansho pepper

I also made others like a clear soup,flavored rice,
japanese style spring roll etc...

Pickles of chinese cabbage

I like to cook the western-japanese foods such as these dishes sometimes.

It is fun to arrange the western dishes flavoring with Japanese


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