The Autumn vegetables 2

Autumn is called to be the season for reading,sports,and appetite.
It is time to enjoy the king of mushroms,matsutake(pince mushrooms),
salmon,ginkgo nuts,Pacific sauries,taros,chestnuts.

Tamba area is the famous place for chestnuts.
(northern kyoto prefecture)They are so sweet.

I like to cook chestnuts with rice.

This is Mukago,which is baby taros.

Mukago is not very popular,so we can get it only in this season.

This rice has very rich flavor!

These are the ingresients for Dobin-mushi,
which is matsutake mushroom and hamo(coger fish) steamed in
an earthenware teapot.Add mitsuba(japanese persely)and
sudachi(citron) in a last minutes for the flavor.

Enjoy the smell of autumn!


The Autumn vegetables

It is still hot in daytime,however i can feel the autumn's wind in the morning
and evening.

I have changed the autumn flower"Rindo" at the entrace of my house.

I cooked some autumn dish using Renkon(lotus roots) ,
Satoimo(taro patato) and Gobo(burdock).
These vegetables grew up under the ground
and they are popular autumn vegetables.

You will see them at my kitchen in this season.

"Tataki Gobo"
This is my favorite side-dish.
Boild burdock dressed with sweeten-sour sesame dressing

This is another Gobo dish. "Gobo no Kakiage"

Renkon(lotus roots)

"Renkon no Kimpila"
This is also my favorite side-dish.

"Tsukune Renkon"
pan cake of grind Renkon and yamaimo

Tempura of lotus roots sandwiching grind shrimp&shiso leaf

Sato imo(Taro potato)

Satoimo mochi" pan cake of taro.

Autumn is the most enjoyable time to eat!!