Okonomi Yaki

Usually I introduce traditional dishes in my cooking class.
However some of people requested me to make
"Okonomi Yaki" the other day.

Okonomi Yaki is one of the most popular food in Kansai area,especially in Osaka.
And I like to make it.
It is very cttractive contrast between the soft texture of yam and crispy
fried batter.And pour on plenty of okonomiyaki sauce.

Using hot plate on the dinning table

For making batter
flour,yam,dried bonito stock

egg,thin sliced pork,cabbage,green onion,tempura batter,red pickled ginger,
fried bonito flakes,green laver,Okonomiyaki-sauce,mayonnaise...

This is called "As -You-Like-It"Pancake liek a pizza.
You can put other things for fillings.

If you visited Kansai-area,
You have to try this!!
Summer noodles

In summer time, I like to eat Somen noodles.
A dish most suitable for a hot and sticky summer.

Usually I place water and ice in a big wooden bowl,
and arrange the somen noodles.
And serve the dipping sauce and condiments in separate individual bowls.

It is still rainny season in kyoto,but today was really hot day.
I prepared this noddles with cold soup & vegetables.

The toppings are
Grilled eggplant,summer ginger,eel,egg,cucumber and green onion.

After the dinner,
I like to eat Suika(water melon) in such a hot day.
There is all the time in my refrigerator in this season.

Japanese water melon is so sweet!!


Rainy season in kyoto

June is the rainy season in kyoto.
We see many types of hydrangea(ajisai)or sweet flag(shobu) everywhere.

Tonight,it was very quiet.

So i spent the time to do cooking,reading,writing,and drinking matcha tea to be reluxed.
When I come back home,I cooked Hungarian dish"Paprikas csirke"
(Grilled chicken with paprika soup).
Because yesterday,a friend of mine gave this paprika as a souvenir from Hungary.

It was very delicious and I loved this paprika flavor very much!

Paprikas csirke
Served with Itarian parsley and sour cream

After the dinner,
I made Matcha (green tea).It was a very rich and quiet time.

Matcha(green tea ) and japanese fresh beans cake