Rainy season in kyoto

June is the rainy season in kyoto.
We see many types of hydrangea(ajisai)or sweet flag(shobu) everywhere.

Tonight,it was very quiet.

So i spent the time to do cooking,reading,writing,and drinking matcha tea to be reluxed.
When I come back home,I cooked Hungarian dish"Paprikas csirke"
(Grilled chicken with paprika soup).
Because yesterday,a friend of mine gave this paprika as a souvenir from Hungary.

It was very delicious and I loved this paprika flavor very much!

Paprikas csirke
Served with Itarian parsley and sour cream

After the dinner,
I made Matcha (green tea).It was a very rich and quiet time.

Matcha(green tea ) and japanese fresh beans cake

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