The Flavor of Green Tea

I love Japanease tea very much.
We enjoy having different kind of tea in each season.

For example,May is a season of new tea leaves.
We can enjoy it for a few weeks of a year.

In summer time , cold barley tea(Mugi-cha) is very popular.
When I drink it,I feel "summer is comimg!".
In cold season, I often drink toasted(roasted) tea.
It has caffeine-free.

Sometimes I visit IPPODO tea shop at Teramachi-Nijo to buy tea leaves.
They have many kinds of green tea in Uji.And we can try some tea
which we are interested in there.

It is not only that the taste of tea depends on a quality of tea leaves ,
but also depends on the way to serve like a water temperature.
I try to serve tea carefully.

The green tea of the left side is Sen-cha,which is green tea of new leaves(Shin-cha).
We will enjoy it until around middle of June.
The another one is roasted tea.We call it Hoji-cha.

This dark green colored tea is cold &sweet macha tea.
When I was a child,I loved it very much and
it is one of the popular summer cold tea.

The light colored green tea is cold Gyokuro tea.
Gyokuro is a little bit thicker than Sen-cha.
The taste is very rich & mild.It is one of my favorite tea.

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