Green Green Green

April 6

In this week,it is the best time to see Sakura(cherry blossom) in Kyoto.
We have a custom which is called "Hanami",it is a party
under the Sakura tree enjoying food and sake.

"Benkei VS Ushiwakamaru" at Gojo-Kiyamachi
(the end of Heian priod,10th century)
I meet them every moring on my way work.
They are so Lovely with Sakura!

I am going to a new French restrant which have a beautiful
Sakura tree with my friends to have a lunch in this weekend.
Also I am going a picnic in Arashiyama-area with lunch boxes.
It is one of my favorite Sakura place in Kyoto.

By the way,I have been teaching many dishes using Takenoko
(bamboo shoots)like a seasoned rice,simmerd with kinome
(young leaves of japanese pepper),clear soup,tempura...etc
in my cooking classes recentely.

Not only Takenoko,but also we have more other beautiful
spring vegetables.
You will see these green vegetable dishes in my spring kitchen.

Soramame no soup ( broad bean's soup)

Takenoko to Kinome no Shigure ni
(Simmerd bamboo shoots with young leaves of japanese pepper)

Asparagus no Goma-ae
(Green asparagus dressed with sesame sauce )

Yaki-Soramame(Grilled broad bean)

Simple cooking,beans inside are steamed.
Serve with salt.

Mame Gohan(Seasoned rice with Endo beans)

Today,I got a broccoli from my neighbor.
I made a broccoli's cake as a dessert after dinner.