I went picnicking with my friends bringing a spring lunch box i made to the park near my house.
It was a beautiful day today, but it was a little cold.This is a typical japanese spring weather.

Before we had a lunch,my friends and I practiced Yoga.We brought yoga mattress ourselves.
Someone read the books and someone take a nap.
This park is a really good place to enjoy our hobbies and sports each person.

This is today's lunch box(we call it bento box).

  • Rice ball seasoned with bamboo shoot
  • Rape blossom simmered with japanese soup
  • Asparagus rolled with sliced beef
  • Japanese style rolled omelet
  • Grilled mackerel marinated sweeten miso paste
These bamboo shoot,rape blossom,asparagus and fish are just in season.

It was a Lovely holiday !!

This is my another day's dinner. Really traditional menu.