Gion festival

July 16

Tonight it is Yoiyama,which is the eve of the grand parade for gion festival.
My house is located around this festival,so I usually visit and see
Hoko and Yama floats after the dinner.

I ate this menu,I often eat Hamo and Ayu very much during Gion festival season.

・Grilled Ayu(fish) with Tadesu(smartweed and vineger sauce)

・Hamo-sushi(grilled pike conger fravored teriyaki)

・Hamo&cucumber salad dressed with sweeten sour sesame dressing)

I was walking around with my neighbors and felt the summer tradition in kyoto.

Tsuki Hoko(Tsuki means "Moon")

Koi yama(Koi means "Carp")

Kamakiri hoko(Kamakiri means"Mantis")

I had a great evening!

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