My summer vacation in August

I visited Okiniwa (the southern iland of japan) for a week.

Okiniwa has a special culture.It is very different from kyoto.

I enjoyed the beautiful beaches,seeing many world heritages,
and the local foods .

This is one of the popular dish "Stir-fried Bitter gourd and tofu".

This is also very popular "Okinawa noodle and mixed rice".

This soup is very delicious and the toppings are pork,pickled ginger
andgreen onion.

Tacos are very popular,too.I loved it!

The various colors of fishes at the food market

This is one of the famous okinwa sweets.

I had a wonderful summer vacation there.

Just I apologize deeply that i could not have a classes

during this time,

and could not make a few lessons because of my flight problem by typhoon.

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