Happy New Year 2010

Season's Greetings and Best wishes for the Year

I prepared 16 kinds of Osechi-ryori (the food to eat for the first 3 days) in the December 29-31.

This is Bou-Dara(the dried cod fish, the popular new years dish in kyoto).
It takes 7 days to become soft in water.

Cooked with soysauce,sake,sugar and dashi

Kuro Mame(sweetened black beans from Tamba,northen kyoto prefecture)

Cooked with sugar for 6 hours.

Kuri Kinton (mushed sweet potatoes and chestnuts)

Sawara no Saikyo-yaki(Grilled fish marrinated with kyoto sweet miso)

Marrinated for 2 days

This is one of my favorite dish.

Kohaku Namasu (Daikon radish and carrot dressed with sweeten vinegered sesame dressing)

This is the popular menu in my kitchen.

Tataki Gobo( burdock dressed with sweeten vinegared sesame dressing)

Kuruma ebi no amani (prowns simmerd with dashi)

Kazunoko(herring roe)  

Tazuna Konjak(the paste made from konjak flour ,jelly-like food)

The others are omelet,fish-cake,lotus root,bamboo shoot,chiken,japanese potatoes,ect...

I put and decorated in a special box(Ju-bako).

Also I made Ozoni, mochi(rice cake) in a sweet kyoto miso soup.

We eat these kinds of foods for the first 3 days.

This is New years Ikebana,including pine trees, orchid,senryo(the red one),
habotan(ornamental cabbage) and chrysanthemum.
It decorate at the entrance .

Kagami-mochi ( round rice cake offered to the God at New Year's)
 & Tora (The tiger,the third of the twelve signs of the chinese zodiac)
2010 is Tora year in japan.

I visited and spent time with our families between the end of year and ths first 3 days.
Also We went to the local shrines and wish our health and happines.

I am so glad to welcome a great new year's cereblation.

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