Cooking in December

The Oyster is the best season in winter in Japan.
I cook it for sashimi,deep-fried,use for gratin and pot dish.

Tonight I am making flavored rice with oysters.

I cook the seasonings and ginger.

This rice has very rich flavor.

The spinach is one of the winter vegetabes.

This is making Spinach and dried shiitake mushroom with sesame dressing.
This is one of the popular dish in my kitchen.

This is very simple but beautiful side dish.

This is  the small round radish,ko-kabu.
It is very popular winter vegetables in kyoto.
I use it not only japanese dishes also western style dishes.

Cooked with deep-fried tofu.The base of the soup is Dashi.

Enjoy the small kabu(round radish)!

Cook with kombu(sea weed)dashi until it become soft.

Pour the Shiro-miso sauce(white sweet miso).
The shiro-miso(sweet miso) is very kyoto-style.

This huge round dikon is Shogoin-daikon,which we can get
only in winter. It is also one of the traditional  vegetables in kyoto.

This is more mild flavor than regular daikon.

I use this giant radish for  Pot-au-feu.
It is very winter dish.

I have been decorating my house for the Chirstmas.

This is my  Christmas wreath.  Isn't it pretty?!
I love it ! You will see it at the entrance of my house.

These are my favorite chopsticks holders.They are pretty.

This is pink Princettia.

We japanese celebrate the New year mainly, but  the Cristmas is also
popular event,especially for the children!

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