February 3rd

Setsubun is the festival of spring in Japan.
In our homes,the family join together and chant
"Oni wa soto"(Go out demons)" "Fuku wa uchi"(Come in good luck).
throwing soy beans.

Sometimes.the fathers or boys put the demons mask to pretend.
The rest of the members throw the beans to them.

We throw the beans from the each room window to outside.
After this ceremony we eat the beans as same amount as each age.

Also we eat the "Eho Maki",which is sushi roll including lucky.

These are the ingredients,
Koya-tofu(fried tofu),kampyo(dried guard shavings),hoshi-shiitake(dried shiitake),
Kamaboko(fish cake),Mistuba(japanese paserly),Tamagoyaki(omelet).

I roll up them with Nori(dried seaweed) and sushi rice.

Sometimes we bite hole piece without cutting tward to ths years derection
(this year is west-south-west).
I usually serve it with grilled sardine fish.

Recently I am not sure how many pieces I should eat the soy beans....

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