March 3rd

Today is the day which is a traditional family celebration for the health of
young girls in which beautiful dolls are arranged in the house.
"Hina" means doll.
I display the dolls in my guest room from February
until March 3rd every year.

I decorate "momo no hana"( peach blossoms) for the Doll's festival
at the entrance.

Chirashi Sushi  is one kind of sushi.
I make this colofully decorated garnished sushi for the most special of

Chirashi Sushi is a typical type of home style cooking.
Each house has own styles and ingredients(fresh fish,shrimps,eggs,etc).
I like to use traditional dried ingredients.

Chirashi Sushi  is full various textures and flavors.
Serve with a clear soup contaning hamaguri clam,
teppai(green onion and seafood seasoned with rice vinegar and
sweeten miso)and sake.

Spring is coming!

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