Takenoko (Bamboo shoots) Taste of spring

Nishiyama(west mountain) in Kyoto , that is one of the famous Takenoko area.

I have been introducing Takenoko Gohan in my classes using the fresh bamboo shoots
hearvested in that morning there.

This is Shirako (Type of bamboo shoots).The taste is mild and soft.
The only good quality's one,you can put the rice directly without boiling.
You can taste very fresh flavor and texture of Takenoko.

Cooking rice, striped Bamboo shoots& deep fried tofu with Dashi.

Decorate with Kinome(sansho pepper leaf) in Ohitsu (traditional wooden rice box).

This is another dish,Kinome-ae.

Cooked Takenoko with dashi marrinated with grated Kinome leaf,sweet miso,
sake and mirin.

This is small sardine Tempura.


Tofu salad with sesame dressing.This dressing is one of the popular dressing 
in my classes.


In spring time,we can get Shin-Jagaimo( potato)and Shin-Tamanegi(onion).
They have just hervested right now,so thet are very juicey and soft.
They are good for simmerd or deep-frying and salad.

I cooked potatoes with skin in Dashi flavored soysauce and sugar.

 You will enjoy the potatoes itself taste with this simple cooking.

This small onion is cooked  in consome soup for an hour.
I love it ,so tasty!!

This is Kiyamachi street near my house.
It is just best season for Sakura here in central Kyoto.
Why don't you take a walk in evening after cooking.
They have lights.It is beautiful atomosphere.


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