Especially in last 3 weeks, a lots of people have visited my kitchen
because of sakura season.
I have been opening classes almost every evening.
Then I introduced mainly Takenoko(bamboo shoots) and spring vegetables.
But also noodles dish was very popular.

This is the Niku Udon (noodles with sweet-soy flavored beef).
The soup is so tasty and I love this.
Especially the Udon is very popular in Kansai.

This is vegetable Tempura.
My favorite is Pumpkin and Shiitake mushroom.

This is Dashimaki Tamago.(The omelet including Dashi)
This menu is that I have been introdusing since 2002.
Making this with the omelet pan is so fun!

This is Warabi which is one of the mountain wild vegetables.
We will eat them in middle of April to early summer time in kyoto often.

Today I cooked 2 kinds of dishes using this Warabi .

Warabi no Sunomono
Warabi salad dressed with sweeten-vinegar.

Another one is the cooked Warabi &Hirousu(deep-fried Tofu with vegetables)
with Dashi soup.

I took this yellow rose picture at my terace yesterday.
They have just started to bloom. This is the signal of May is coming soon for me.
Isn't it pretty?

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