Seasoned Rice

My favorite dish is seasoned rice.
I cook flavored rice each season.
In Spring,bamboo shoots rice is famous dish.
In Autumn,Matsutake gohan(special mushroom rice) is very popular.
So When you put some special season ingredient into the rice and cook with dashi,
you can feel that season.

Nowadays,we can get  many things through a year,but I think
It is very important to use the specific time,specific ingredient.

In May,I use a lot of Endo-mame(green pea) for the rice or egg dish.


When I was a child, it was always  my job to remove the peas.

Rice,water,Endo-mame,a little sake and salt.

This cooked Endo-mame flavor goes into the rice.

We call this "Mame-gohan"

June is the season for Ajisai(hydrangea).
This is one of my favorite flower.

Early summer time

Shin-shoga(young ginger).
We use this ginger for sweeten pickles beside of sushi.
This is the best from June to autumn.

Thin strips Shin-shoga and Age(thin deep fied tofu).

Cook with dashi,usukuchi soysauce(the light one)and salt.

This rice has a beautiful fresh ginger flavor.
It is very simple,but we will enjoy the Shin-shoga itself.
I immagine summer is coming soon.

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