Minazuki     June 30

Minazuki  means "June" in Japanese.
Also Minazuki is the name of traditional this sweet.

June 30 is the day we eat this sweet.
This shape is from "ice" and people eat  for our health and luck for
coming summer in histrical meaning.


This in one of the typical "Obanzai" dishes.
Obanzai is the way to call "home dishes" in Kyoto.
This is the cooked koimo(japanese potato) and daikon(japanese radish)
with dahi,soysauce and mirin for a hour to simmer very well.
This type of  dishes is good matching with sake because the taste has deep
soyflavor with vegetables.


This green pepper is kyoto local vegetable"Manganji-Togarashi".
This is not so hot but has beautiful flavors.
I cook this with Konnyaku(japanese noodles like jelly).

Konnyaku is the one of the healthy ingredients in Japan.

Cooking with dashi,soysauce and a little bit mirin

Western style dish

I like Italian. I sometimes cook simple spagetti sauce by myself.
These are the ingredients for "Sora-mame"(broad bean) creamed spagetti.
Pasta,sora-mame,parmezan cheese,onion,cream and milk.

This is very simple dish but this has beautiful sora-mame flavor.

Tomorrow is the beginning of July.
I would like to introduce summer dishes to keep our stamina!!

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