Cooking for hot day

Today was very hot in Kyoto,actually everyehere in Japan.
It was 35 degrees and strong sunshine.
My body wanted some vinegar dish very much.

Then I decided to make Hamo Sushi.

I prepared grilled hao(pike conger fish),sushi rice and sansho pepper.

I put some sansho pepper between hamo and rice.

And roll it using clean cotton towel and bamboo matt.


I love home made sushi rice flavor.

We eat a lot of colorfulled vegetables in summer time.

One of my favorite summer vegetables is Nasu(eggplant).
I cooked it with dashi.Cold one is also beautiful taste.

Cold somen noodles with tomatoes and okura.

This is the aka-Zuiki ,which is the leafstalk of japanese popates.
We eat this traditional vegetable in summer time,escecially
Obon week (August 12-16).

This is dressed with sesame sweet-vinegar dressing.

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