Summer vegetables in July

Kyoto,we have one of the biggest festivals,GION MATSURI  in July.
You can see about 32 wooden floats  on the streets in the central of kyoto.
These are the pictures i took July 16 in evening.

This name is MOON float.

The boys are parading on the main street.

I enjoyed taking a walk in late evening after the classes.

It is very excited and nice tradition.

The next morning July 17 is the parade's day.
It is beautiful sunny day!

A lot of men are working hardly to move the floats with their hands.


I use summer vegetables recently.

Corn soup

We have a custum to eat  Unagi(eel) in July 21st.

Unagi Donburi (steamed eel with rice)

Fushimi Tougarasgu (Kyoto local sweet geen papper) & baby sardine

Cook with saysauce,mirin with dashi

Kabocha(pumpkin)  I cut the skin with spots.

Simmer with dashi,sugar and soysauce.

I like the pumpkin with a little bit soy & sweet flavor.

I cut the skin with thinly slices

Simmer with dashi with a little light flavor soysuace

Serve with grated ginger

Cook the Tofu balls with edamame(green soy beans) with dashi

These vegetable dishes are good matching with white rice!

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