Gogh's Sun Flower

The August is started.
It is really hot in Japan.

Today i found cute Sun Flower at my favorite shop.
This name is Gogh's Sun Flower.
It is more ellegant shape than the normal one.
I decorate this at the entrance and it makes bright!

It is popular to eat sticky vegetables like Okura or Nagaimo(Yam) in summer.

I made minced chicken humgerg with those vegetables.

The flavor is Teriyaki suace (sweeten soy sauce).

This is cucumber sushi.
The rice is vinegard with myoga(summer ginger) and sesame seeds.
Sprinckle nori on top.
This is very fresh rice dish in hot day.

This is miso which is fermented soybeans products.
We use this for many dishes like soup,dressing,saurce...etc.

The left one(light brown) is basic miso.The taste is very mild and a little sweet.
I like this.
The left one(brown) is aka(red)miso.The taste is a  little strong and salty.
This is good for summer.

I deep fry the eggplant in the oil and sprinkle myoga(summer ginger).

Pour the dashi soup including miso.
It is good to change the type of miso in each season.

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