The Harvest Moon  September 22nd

Tomorrow  is the day of the full moon viewing in autumn.
We decorate Susuki(the japanese silver grass) and Dango(simle confections made of rice flour with
azuki beans paste).
This means we serve some food to the God wishing for rich harvest.
People traditionaly enjoy seeing a beautiful full moon with sake tonight.

This Dango looks like japanese autumn potato(Ebi imo).
(We serve this vegetable for God) 

This view is  the moon at the terace of my house the 21st evening.

I hope it will be beautiful day tomorrow.

A few weeks ago,I had a Gyoza party(japanese  dumpling )with my friends.

They are the piano teachers,so their finger works are very good!

Cook then on the table

This gyoza are beautifu brown & crispy.

This is the autumn popular fish ,Sanma (saury).
The simple grilled  are the most popular cooking.
I like to eat them with grated radish(daikon) or lime(sudachi).

Today i made a glatin using the Sanma and vegetables.

Grilled eggplant and Sanma.

Put cooked tomato,onion and cheese on top.Then grill in the oven.

Sprinckle parsely.

This is the corabration of the japanese autumn &Iitalian.

Satoimo(japanese atutumn potato)and pampkin are popular autumn vegetbables.

Cooked satoimo with dashi and soysauce and mirin(sweet rice wine).

The Simmerd vegetables like this are traditional side dish.

Pumpkin croqutte.

Deepfried horse mackrel marinated soysauce,sake and mirin.

Maitake Gohan , flavored rice cooked with maitake mashroom and deepfried tofu.

Sweet rolled omelet with green onion,served with grated radish.

Miso soup with potato and onion.

Simmerd cabage with dashi.

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