Create an Autumn Picnic Bento Lunchbox!

I like a picnic or hiking in autumn very much.
I often go hiking around northen part of Kyoto or Shiga area.
The mountains are not so high but the views are so beautiful
especially maple colors are changing.

Another fun is bento box.
It is more tasty to eat in the nature.

Autumn in Japan is an  especially popular time for outdoor events
and activities such as sports festival ,school hikes,and shrine/temple festivals.

Many poeple bring homemade bento boxes to these events.
It is always exciting  to see what inside when they are opened.

I feel the bento is special form of traditional japanese culture.

Especially we call the picnic bento Koraku bento.
They are always beautiful and seasonal.

I like to bring with my family or friends it and enjoy the colors of autumn
on picnic along the Kamo River or the river in Arashiyama or some other
lovely locations.

This is usu-age(thin deep-fried tofu) for sushi.
I get them at tofu shop.

Cut this age in half(triangle shape) then simmer with sweeten Dashi.
In another pot, this is cooking autumn vegetables(lotus roots,
gobo,and carrot)with dashi.

Add them in Sushi rice.

Put the sushi rice in a pocket. 

Inari Sushi &
 Chicken Tatsuta-age(Autumn deep-fried chicken)

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