The winter coming soon

Kyoto,it is getting colder and colder.

It is nice to walk in a mountain. The leaves are changing their colors.
So pretty!


I love the roots vegetables like gobo(brown burdock),renkon(lotus root)
Japanese red carrot.This carrot is sweeter than normal one and only can get in winter.


This is preparing for Chikuzen-ni,which is one of a popular home dish.
Cut the same size and stair-fry with the oil.

Add dashi or water with soysause,mirin and little sugar.Then simmer it. 


The other day,I had a Oden party with my friends.

Oden is one of the popular pot dish in winter.
It takes a lot of time for preparation,but you can cook everything
before your guests came.That is very convinient menu for party.


Daikon is boiled for preparation.


boiled egg,konjaku,boiled daikon

They are all fish paste prodacts.with cheese,mochi and tofu.

The fish paste products are very very popular ingredients here.



Cook vegetables with dashi soup including soysauce,mirin,and alittle sugar.

for a few hours.


Set on the table with pot and add fish paste product in last minutes.

You can pick up some as you like by yourselves.


I love the Daikon.
This food make your body warm very much.
It's good for cold day!

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