The end of the year 2010

It was so quickly passing in this year.
I really enjoyed to meet interesting people who come from different
countries through my cooking lessons.

I am taking new year vacation from the end of December to the New year.
Then i am preparing the decoration in my house and cook the new years dishes.

I went to visit Nishiki market this morning to get special ingredients and vegetables for that.
Even morning,there are so many people and i could not walk through in the crowded small street.
But i like that.Because it make me feel the end of year.

We call new years dish,OSECHI.
I will make 16-18kinds of osechi.



This is dried cod and one of the traditional winter item in Kyoto.

I have been soaking this in cold water for a week.

Then simmer in water with kombu.

About 3hours later, add soysauce,mirin and sugar.

Cook with Ebi-imo(kyoto local potato) together for 3 hours more.


Kuro mame(black beans) is famous in Tamba area(northen part of kyoto prefecture).

It is simmerd for 6 hours in water including sugar.

It will be very soft and smooth.This is one of my favorite!


Marinated fish with sweet miso

A couple of days later,off the paste and grill the fish.

The fish will have beautiful miso flavor.

●Tataki Gobo

I introduced many time this loot vegetable,Gobo.

It is boiled and dressed with sesame,dashi,rice vineger,and soysauce.


 Kazunoko is herring roe.One of the popular Osechi ingredients.
This sells with salty,so I soak in water for 6 hours to remove salt.
Then marrinate with dashi,sake,mirin and soysauce for a day.

Serve bonito flakes on top.

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