Oomisoka  December 31,  2010

We call the December 31 "OOMISOKA".

Today we had the first snow in kyoto city as this winter.
It have been snowing all day long.

The neighborhood is so quiet and calm.

People must be staying inside of their house and be reluxed.

This is the view from the terace of my house.

I decorated the entrance to put the new year's flowers.


2011 is the year of rabbit!  She is smiling btween the pine trees.

This is called Kagami-mochi.

This is served for God and made of rice.

I have started to cook Osechi from the morning again.

Winter vegetables

Daikon&Kintoki ninjin(winter carrot)Yuzu(winter orange).


This is shreaded salad with daikon,carrot and yuzu peel
dressed with sesame dressing of rice vineger,sugar,and a little bit soysauce.


This is small dried sadine carameled soysauce,sake and mirin.


Konnyaku is one of the traditional ingredients here.

This is simmerd with dashi,soysauce and mirin.

●Kintoki Ninjin

Cooked carrot with dashi,sugar and mrin.

This carrot is a little bit sweeter and softer.

We can get this only winter time.

Lotus roots

● Subasu

This  is boiled renkon and simmer with dashi,rice vineger,sake and sugar.

It is good to be white color.

●Dashimaki Tamago

This is rolled omelet with dashi.

In evening,I decorated them in special box(Ju-bako).

● Ichi no ju (the first box)

● Ni no ju (the second box)

● San no ju (the third box)

I put them at a cool place until tomorrow.

We have a tradition to eat Soba the end of year.

Tonight topping is Temupura,thank for this year's happy things.

At 12:00am

I went to the local temple near my house to ring the bell.
It was so cold outside....

See you  2011!

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