The visiting Nara

I visited Nara (the southern part area of Kyoto) with my friends in this Sunday.
Nara is also very historical place as same as Kyoto.

I went to the Miwa shrine,and  which is one of the most  famous and biggest shrine in Kansai.

It was a very cold day but beautiful wheather.

This shrine has a famous rabit made of blond  for luck.

People are toutching it and pray for our happines.

This is the view from this shrine on the hill.
We saw the beautiful landscape of Nara.

I dropped by the famous beef shop of Yamagata on the way home.

I bought some very good quality and reasonable beef there.

When I came back home,I made the Croquette which is very popular dish
 using this beef.

Cooked beef,oion and beef with soysauce,sugar and mirin.

Mushed them up,

Deep fry them with shreaded bread.

Serve with cabbage. This is very hot and tasty with sweet&soysauce flavor.

Moyashi salad (boiled soy bean sprout with sesame dressing)

Cooked daikion with Dashi.

Kabura Mushi

Grated Kabura &fish steamed dish with dashi soup.

One of the famous winter dish in kyoto.

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