Dishes for Hinamatsuri Girl's Day

March 3rd is the day  is a traditional family celebration for the health and happiness
of young girls.We display of beautiful dolls set in the family home.

We invite my relatives and friends and celebrate togeter to eat homemade
dishes like sushi and soup using spring ingredients.
Especially popular ingredients for this occasion include tai(sea bream),ebi(shrimp)
and hamaguri(clam).

When i was a child, I used to play traditional girl game like otedama(beanbag juggling),
ohajiki(marbles),and ayatori(string fingers).
Mari-tsuki (ball bouncing) was also popular.
We would bounce a temari(a ball made of colorful silk threads) and sing beautiful,
rhythmical songs.

This sushi  is called Temari sushi ,which looks like hand sides traditional ball.
It is very popluar in spring.

Tai,ebi,salmon,and flat fish with vinegerd rice(sushi rice).
They are so cute!!

Clam soup with Nanohana (rape flower).
We see many wild Nanohana with yellow flower in everywhere in March.

I teach traditional dises  in my classes.
But sometimes i like to cook western-Japanese dishes like them
using japanese ingredients for my private dinner.

I put this Nanohan in creamed soup instead of brocories.

Spring cabbage salad with shiso herb and mayonaze.

Japanese style ,curry and rice.

For break first

Here are the season ingredients in early spring.

Hotaru ika with vinegar miso dressing.

Spring onion salad with steamed chicken and miso dressing.

Wakame is my favorite.It is good for salad.

This is dried wakame.

Dried wakame is good topping for rice.

Sawara  is beautiful spring fish.

This is grilled with Teriyaki sauce with sansho pepper.

Chawan mushi
This is steamed egg custard with spring vegetables.

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