It is still cold in March this year.I can not leave my winter hat or jacket yet

This whether is big influenced to the food market.
The harvest of bamboo  shoots in Kyoto are late.
I can't wait.
Sakura is blooming soon.There are so many good places to see Sakura in Kyoto.
It is short time.That's why it worths to see.
I look forward to walking along the sakura in the weekend sometimes.

I choosed sometimes chicken dishes in my cooking classes in March.
This is cooked chicken and Japanese local potato.
It  is sweet&soy flavor.People like it.

This is minced chicken&japanese yamaimo(sticky potato) patte.

This texture is so soft because of this popato.

Also I put some Shiso (japanese hearb) in it.


This is my favorite noodle,Somen&Clam&Nanohana soup.
This is popular combination in March.

Onigiri(rice ball) looks easy to make,but it need experience.

We put some ingredient in a ball like umeboshi(plum pickles)or grilled sarmon.

This is Hatakena (kyoto local green leaves vegetables).
It is popular to cook with deep fried tofu and dashi.

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